Why Choose Peelle

Here are some of the reasons why Peelle is the clear industry leader when it comes to manufacturing, installing and maintaining Vertical Sliding freight elevator doors.

Features That Reduce Installation Costs

  • VVVF Drive System
  • Single “Master” limit mounted on car which controls all landing doors
  • User selectable “slave” or “stand-alone” control interface
  • User selectable “on” or “off” Automatic Close feature
  • Self-tapping rail bolts
  • Cab enclosure
  • Doors shipped complete, ready to be installed
  • A-Frame Shipping Crate protects doors during shipping
  • Packing list gives box locations for each part provided
  • Rails shipped pre-drilled and identified
  • Door rail ‘DBG’ gauge angle provided
  • Installation Guide and CD available
  • Wiring Package available

Features that Increase Modernization Sales Potential

  • Protector Light Curtain retro-fit kit for existing car doors/gates
  • Simultaneous to Sequence Operation controller upgrades
  • Wireless Freight Door Controller
  • Preventative maintenance programs
  • Easy to use Modernization Guide Designs for reduced hoistway space and returns
  • Designs for special environments (moisture, explosion & corrosion resistant)
  • Designs for special architectural requirements
  • Records available for jobs manufactured up to 70 years ago
  • Peelle can replace the existing equipment of any door manufacture, past and present

Features that Reduce Maintenance

  • Durable scratch-resistant Powder Coat Finish is standard on all jobs
  • Parts availability for doors manufactured within the past 50 years
  • Thousands of parts in stock, ready for shipment.
  • Interlock successfully passed 1 Million Cycle Test
  • Optional feature that keeps the door fully open (Automatic Stay Open)
  • Automatic Stay Closed Tension Latching holds the door closed
  • Friction drive sheaves
  • Light curtain reopening device – less susceptible to damage than mechanical edges
  • Controller includes motor and retiring cam protection circuits
  • Elevator contractors tell Peelle that their doors maintain easier than alternatives

Features that Increase Safety

  • Light Curtains are standard equipment
  • VVVF drive provides low speed, low kinetic energy operation during Phase I operation.
  • Advance of close Warning Buzzer provided as standard
  • Both upper and lower door panels are locked
  • Wide openings are provided with Hoistway Door locks on both sides of door