Elevator Manufacturers

Peelle door solutions are often specified to accompany both global and national elevator manufacturers’ products. This is particularly the case when end users specify a heavy duty freight or passenger door product that falls outside of a typical standard entrance solution offered by elevator manufacturers.

Peelle’s range of renowned, robust entrance doors are designed and manufactured with control systems that easily integrate with almost all elevator controllers. From the outset, they are also designed and manufactured to withstand high levels of daily duty, providing reliable access to the elevator – something that is key to the success of every elevator manufacturer.

We work with customers and discuss the intended duty and recommend the options for vertically opening doors for the specific location, the size of the elevator and freight movement, and then provide budget figures before we manufacture the door product.

Peelle can provide a complete door solution for your installation or alternatively work with you and install the chosen Peelle door or Peelle product, agreeing time frames at the initial stages of manufacture.