Building & Facility Managers

Generally, the longevity and reliability of freight elevator doors seldom come up when elevators are commissioned for service. Price and availability are usually the primary considerations. The result for some building owners or facility managers is that they can often find that as in-service products age, repair costs escalate disproportionately to scheduled replacement time. For those with fully comprehensive maintenance agreements, unplanned costs are not an issue; however, the inconvenience of an out-of-service elevator is costly and time consuming.

As a result of our industry-wide experience, we know that one of the biggest frustrations for building owners and facility managers is that when an elevator is taken out of service as a result of minor damage to a freight elevator door. This can typically be the case in environments where freight/vehicle movement is taking place or where elevators are installed in public areas where the chance of vandalism is high.

If this is something you hope to avoid with a new installation, or an experience that you are currently having, even infrequently with an existing installation, Peelle has a solution.

We design, engineer and manufacture arguably the most reliable and best quality heavy duty freight and vehicle elevator doors available in the market today. In fact we have been for approaching 110 years, and it’s why across the globe we have become the preferred choice for building owners and facility managers who are responsible for some of the highest profile buildings known today.