Warehouse & Storage

Peelle understand that for those customers operating warehousing and distribution centers being part of supply chain demands a constant and reliable free flow of freight movement up, down and through a facility. When entrance doors (either elevators or building entrances) fail and become a barrier rather than a secure opening, stock movement comes to a standstill.

Often an issue encountered at warehousing and distribution centers is accidental damage to an elevator door due to a member of the warehouse misusing or abusing the biparting door as freight is moved either in or out of the elevator. There is no magical solution to stop this misuse or abuse from happening; however, having an elevator entrance that is designed, engineered and manufactured for exactly this kind of environment goes a long way towards keeping a freight elevator in service.

For over 110 years Peelle have been designing, engineering and manufacturing robust high quality, heavy duty elevator doors for use in warehouses, storage and distribution centers. We have become the supplier of choice across many global markets with local partner distributors both installing and maintaining the doors we manufacture, along with the national and independent elevator companies who specify our products.

Architects, Consultants and building owners are knowledgeable and experienced in the needs of high volumes distribution centers. We work with you to ensure that the best vertical opening door for your specific location, size of elevator and freight movement is addressed before we design and manufacture your freight elevator door products.

Some of the prestigious warehousing and distribution locations where Peelle Doors are installed:

  • U-Haul
  • Storage
  • Storage Deluxe
  • FedEx
  • Fed Ex, Canada
  • Versa Cold Storage, Canada
  • Sentinel Storage, Canada