Some of the world’s most expensive production facilities are to be found in the refinery sector – an environment where buildings’ facilities play a key role in the smooth running of any activity. Freight elevators aren’t part of the refinery line, however, an out of service freight elevator that carries material from floor to floor for use in the production process is vital for continuity.

For those involved in the management of such plants, a malfunctioning freight elevator is the last thing you want to experience, particularly if a delay of materials being sent to a production line occurs. Even more frustrating is the delay being caused by a freight elevator failing due to a door problem.

In most instances, out of service elevators due to door failures are a result from either misuse or abuse of the elevator, or accidental damage to an elevator door due to an employee striking the elevator door with a loaded pallet as they move freight in or out of the elevator.

For over 110 years, Peelle has been designing, engineering and manufacturing robust high quality, heavy duty freight elevator doors for use in environments like refineries. As the market leader in our sector, we have become the supplier of choice for many global organizations with local partner distributors both installing and maintaining the doors we manufacture, along with the national and independent elevator companies who specify our products.

Our experienced engineering team work with your chosen elevator company to deliver the perfect freight elevator door.

Some of the refinery plants we have fitted Peelle Doors for include:

  • Exxon Mobil
  • US Steel
  • US Steel, Canada
  • Essar Steel, Canada
  • Imperial Oil, Canada
  • Shell, Canada
  • Petro Canada, Canada
  • Suncor, Canada