Food and Beverage Processing

Perishable and potentially high value ingredients used in food production and large catering facilities have to be moved in and out of a building often through a front and rear opening lift with an external entrance on the ground or basement floor of the building used for deliveries. Hence, reliable floor to floor movement is essential to keep fresh products arriving and waste materials leaving. In either case, an out of service lift due to a door failure can cause frustration and impact production times and deliveries.

Lift door failures are generally caused by inadvertent misuse or abuse of the lift, or damage caused to the door when the lift is being loaded or unloaded – something that is particularly easy when a large wheeled refuse bin is being moved. Peelle’s robust goods lift doors are designed and manufactured to provide reliable access to the lift, essential to ensure an easy flow of floor to floor goods movement.

Our experienced engineering team work with your chosen lift company to deliver the perfect goods lift door.

Some of the well-known food and beverage companies that have had Peelle Doors fitted include:

  • Bellina Beverages, Ireland
  • Cadbury, England
  • Kellogg’s, Australia
  • Nestle, Mexico
  • Anheuser-Busch, USA
  • Oscar Mayer, USA
  • Tyson Foods, USA
  • Hatfield Quality Meats, USA
  • Farmer’s Pride, USA
  • Miller Coors, USA
  • Kraft, USA
  • Kellogg’s, USA
  • Kellogg’s, Canada
  • Kraft, Canada
  • Maple Leaf Foods, Canada
  • Schiender, Canada
  • Quaker Oats, Canada
  • Cargill, Canada
  • Labatts, Canada
  • Molson, Canada