Hospitality – Hotels and Resorts

Freight elevators in hotels and resorts are often the primary way of moving equipment and materials between floors, as well as transporting waste out of the building. In large hotels where the basement or lower floors are used for the hotel’s services, freight elevators can be installed to allow for the elevator entrance to open onto a parking level to provide access for vehicles. In most instances, the materials that are moved into and out of the elevator will be transported on pallets and/or require fork lifts.

In environments like hotels and resorts, the movement of freight – an essential – is not critical until the elevator is out of service, even a few hours can be critical. One of the causes of elevator shutdowns is often attributed to door failures, and generally caused by inadvertent misuse or abuse of the elevator, or damage caused to the door when the elevator is being loaded or unloaded – something that is particularly easy when a large wheeled refuse container is being moved.

Peelle’s elevator entrance doors and frames are designed from the outset to provide a robust solution which addresses most of the day to day issues encountered with door edge damage. Our manufacturing team build our products using premium high grade materials in thicknesses that make them robust, whilst still retaining their aesthetic appeal. The design and manufacture of our products provides customers with a freight elevator entrance that has a long life cycle, and is most importantly highly reliable, all of which are essential to ensure the easy flow of floor to floor freight movement throughout the building.

Our experienced engineering team work with your chosen elevator company to deliver the perfect freight elevator door, by identifying the need for either vertical or horizontal opening at your specific location, the size of elevator and freight movement, before we design and manufacture your freight elevator door products.

Some of the prestigious and well known hotels and resorts which have Peelle Doors fitted include:

  • Hilton
  • Marriott
  • Ocean City Convention Center
  • Boston Convention Center
  • Royal Sonesta Hotel
  • Sheraton
  • Ritz-Carlton
  • Omni Hotel
  • Royal York Hotel, Canada
  • Sheraton, Canada
  • Hyatt, Canada
  • Hilton, Canada
  • Marriott, Canada