Control Systems

Wireless Controller

Peelle’s Wireless Freight Door Controller is our standard controller.

Wireless Communication

Wireless Communication provides constant communication between all landing doors and car door, creating a more reliable, truer, operation.


VVVF Drive

Variable Voltage, Variable Frequency Drive utilizes the latest inverter technology and motor protection.

Closed Loop Feedback

Closed Loop Feedback uses true door positioning (TDP), eliminating the need for limit switches and sensors.

Plug & Play

The controllers come ready for use, just plug in the door hardware and turn on the power.

Self-Learning Technology

Self-Learning Technology determines the acceleration and deceleration rates for each door, creating a perfectly smooth operation.

Machine Room Less

No need for bulky door controllers taking up valuable room, this controller is 100% Machine Room Less.


This wireless door system requires less energy than traditional start / stop methods, it also requires less wiring material for installation.

Smooth Operation

Utilizing the full power of VVVF Drive and the benefit of self-learning/self adjusting technology creates a smooth open and close sequence.

LCD Display

On board diagnostics displays a live status of all related equipment.

PLC Controller

Peelle’s PLC controller is also available for direct replacement of older Peelle relay logic controllers on special request or where wireless cannot be used.

  • This controller has the option of operating in “Slave Mode” allowing the elevator controller to command certain door operations
  • Peelle Standard which offers a uniform and economical solution
  • Direct Replacement of older Peelle equipment
  • Standard and Slave mode capable
  • One cabinet for either Single, Staggered or Double Line Doors with a power transformer
  • Compatible NEMA Hazards 4, 4x and 7 controller cabinets

Product Guides


Please contact Peelle should your project specifications not meet the Peelle dimensional requirements. Peelle offers door solutions beyond the standards listed above to resolve dimensional and environmental challenges.