Renowned throughout the lift industry for high quality, Peelle Horizontal Sliding Doors (HSD) have been chosen for use in some of the highest profile buildings across the globe. Predominantly used for goods and vehicle lift entrances, Peelle HSDs are manufactured to the high standards demanded for use in environments where reliability, safety and longevity exist. All Peelle landing doors for goods lifts are custom-designed for every application and manufactured to withstand heavy abuse and provide reliable operation.

All Peelle HSDs comply with the rigorous and specific requirements of the various markets they are sold in. These include the USA, Canada and Europe (European legislation relating to EN81 and the Lift Directive, see below for full details).

There are a selection of important features that make Peelle HSDs both robust and reliable, these include:

Panel Linkage

Our unique linkage system has been designed for easy installation. There are no pulleys or cables to adjust or maintain, which results in the door only needing a low maintenance plan from your service provider. The Peelle linkage system provides a positive interconnection that ensures even and smooth movement with the ability to accommodate very tall panels without canting or binding.

Car Door Locking

Peelle’s HSD car door locking device is a standard component of our operating system and is certified to meet international lift safety requirements. This device eliminates the need for a floor to floor fascia, resulting in significant material and labour cost savings.

HSD Panel Retainers

With optimum safety in mind, Peelle doors are produced to the most rigid of international safety standards. They are equipped with heavy duty panel retainers at the top and bottom of each panel, capturing the bottom and top tracks, thus ensuring the panels do not dislodge, creating an unsafe condition.

HSD Track Mounting System

Peelle’s ‘Track Jack’ mounting system is designed to make installation quick and easy. Minimum effort is required for vertical and horizontal adjustment; the engineer simply tightens or loosens the bolts to level the track. This special mounting system will support up to 10 panel Peelle doors without any deflection.

Peelle’s Reinforced Panel Construction

Peelle’s panels are comprised of 2mm sheet steel, hat stiffeners and rigid reinforcement at the top and bottom of each door panel. Peelle doors are tested to withstand the abuse of 500 kilograms of loading on a panel 4 meters long.

Door & Landing Finish

All Peelle door panels, mechanical components and landing door frames are supplied in a standard scratch-resistant, baked-on powder coat finish.

Stainless steel door cladding of up to 1.5mm thick is available, along with landing door frames.

Peelle Door Operator

Our operator, a VVVF closed loop system (tested for one million cycles without breakdown) uses a brushless 30 volt AC motor and a built-in optical encoder. Capable of continuous adjustment, it provides reliable operation designed for heavy duty applications. Other standard features include a microprocessor inverter drive with obstacle detection parameters and light curtain protection to eliminate any potential door contact with lift passengers or materials.

Power supply

120, 208 or 240 Volts AC.

HSD Self Cleaning Sills

The Peelle sill is designed to self-clean as the doors operate; its strategically placed slots allow debris that may collect in the track grooves to fall through into the lift well. This eliminates binding or canting of the panels due to blockage by debris. Sills are available in extruded aluminium, solid steel construction or stainless steel.


Peelle landing doors are tested and certified in accordance with EN 81-58 fire protection standards for various sized lift doors, rated up to 120 minutes.

The Peelle interlock (landing door locking device) is certified in accordance with EN 81-1 and Lift Directive 95/16/EC.

The Peelle car door locking device is certified in accordance with EN 81-1 and Lift Directive 95/16/EC.

Peelle equipment is in full compliance with the requirement of EN 81-1 1998 Sections 1 and 2.

NEMA 1 (IP 10).

U.L. and code compliant interlocks (MEA compliant for NYC market).

NEMA 4 (IP 54/56), NEMA 4X (IP 56), NEMA 7/9, NEMA 12 (IP 52).

U.L. and code compliant interlocks (MEA compliant for NYC market).

Frame and Sills 1-1/2 to 2 hour Fire Rated.

Wiring Material for all NEMA hazards and World Wide Field Installation or Supervision.