If you are involved with the management of a manufacturing facility, the last thing you want is to experience a delay of materials being sent to a production line. This is particularly frustrating if the delay is caused by an internal elevator failing due to a door problem.

Many door failures result from either misuse of the elevator, incidents of vandalism, or accidental damage to an elevator door due to an employee inadvertently clipping the elevator door with a loaded pallet or fork lift as they move in or out of the elevator.

Therefore, Peelle fully understand the necessity to provide a door solution that provides reliable access, allowing for a free flow of freight movement up, down and through a facility.

For over 100 years, Peelle have been designing, engineering and manufacturing robust high quality, heavy duty elevator doors for use in factories. As the market leader in our sector we have become the supplier of choice for many global organizations with local partner distributors both installing and maintaining the doors we manufacture, along with the national and independent elevator companies who specify our products.

Our knowledgeable and experienced engineering specialists work with our distributors in all countries to deliver the perfect elevator door solution for manufacturing facilities, particularly where heavy freight is being moved. We work with you to ensure that the best vertical or horizontal opening door option and solution for your specific location, size of elevator and freight movement is addressed, before we manufacture your door product.

Some of the manufacturing businesses we have fitted Peelle Doors for include:

  • General Motors, Oshawa, Canada
  • Ford Motors, Oakville, Canada
  • RJ Reynolds, USA
  • Boeing Aircraft Corp., USA
  • Harley Davidson Motor Cycles, USA
  • Kimberly Clark, USA
  • Smith & Weston, USA
  • Sony Production, USA
  • Sam Adams Brewery, USA
  • Anheuser-Busch Breweries, USA
  • Georgia Pacific, USA
  • Boeing, USA
  • Intel, USA
  • Nike, USA
  • General Motors, USA
  • Ford, USA
  • Mack Truck, Hagerstown, MD, USA
  • Kimberley Clark, Chester, PA, USA
  • Congoleum, Marcus Hook, PA, USA
  • Philip Morris USA, Richmond, VA, USA
  • Weyerhauser, USA