Peelle in Brief

Across the Globe, Peelle are known for premium quality design and manufacturing of specialist lift and elevator entrance doors. Not only are we known for build quality, more importantly, we are known by all of our customers for product longevity. This results in Peelle being the industry leader in the markets we serve, and the biggest provider of Horizontal and Vertical Sliding Doors for demanding commercial / industrial applications world wide.

Although we are now living in the high-tech, high volume world of lift products, we have strongly maintained our pragmatic approach towards the solid, traditional engineering requirements that are necessary for the heavy-usage environments where Peelle entrance doors are used.

Our manufacturing base is in Canada. It is from this location where Peelle’s Research and Development team work; designing and improving the technology that accompanies the traditional engineering skills found throughout our quality lift entrance door fabricating lines.

Our People

No business can thrive without experienced and professional staff. Since our foundation, The Peelle Company personnel has gained a reputation for expertise and commitment, and it is our people who manufacture and deliver the quality products for which we are globally renowned. When we recruit, we only employ motivated people with a customer focus, positive attitude and an understanding of the market and products we manufacture.

We have a multi-lingual sales department with the ability to help service Peelle customers and distributors anywhere in the world. Their wealth of knowledge and experience of the local market and freight elevator door solutions has built confidence with our customers and end users across the globe.


Across the Globe, Peelle is known for premium, quality design and manufacture of special freight elevator entrance doors. We are known for manufacturing quality products, but more importantly for our product longevity. This result is Peelle being recognized as the industry leader and the largest provider of Vertical Sliding Doors for demanding commercial/industrial applications worldwide.

Since 1905, Peelle has been involved with manufacturing, installing, and maintaining freight elevator door equipment. While most freight door equipment is installed by the elevator contractor; Peelle continues to install freight elevator doors on a worldwide basis. This gives Peelle an in-depth and first-hand understanding of what the building owner/manager values in freight elevator door equipment and what is important from an elevator contractor’s perspective.

Peelle’s Research and Development team continuously improves on the freight door technologies that have made Peelle the industry leader since 1905. Our core focus is quality, reliability, and ease of installation and maintenance.Our expert sales personnel have an average of 25 years experience in the industry, which is longer than some of our competitors have been in business! Dedicated to making your freight elevator projects a complete success, Peelle sales personnel are always available to help you.Being family-owned and operated since 1905 has allowed Peelle’s founding traditions and core values to continue on today. Our mission statement encompasses what the Peelle name stands for: high quality and reliable products, quick and dependable service, honest and professional employees working hard to make our customers successful and provide value to the building owner/manager.