Site Surveys

Self Survey

Peelle will provide you with the tools to perform your own site survey. We have created a complete walk-through video showing you have to take the required measurements and fill out Peelles survey sheets.

Survey Sheets

Sales Survey

A Peelle salesperson will perform a sales survey free of charge.  They will identify opportunities to improve safety and reliability.

The survey will include:

  • A general review of the application and condition of the freight doors
  • Address any concerns and make recommendations
  • Create a summary of key equipment component recommendations
  • Taking measurements for the purpose of pricing and consultive selling

Engineering Survey

(no charge when converting from Non-Peelle OEM’s)

Surveys will be conducted in accordance with the order details and will be coordinated by project management. Engineering will perform engineering surveys and wherever possible, the engineer who surveys will also specify the job.

  • Project order review and application of the freight doors
  • Measurements, photos and notes of the existing application
  • Review of the hoistway and machine room to address any concerns
  • Create a summary of issues, conditions or requirements that need to be addressed
  • Review of the logistics and general requirements needed for the job