Replacement Parts Information

Genuine Peelle replacement parts are available directly from Peelle or any of our distributors. We stock parts for equipment up to 60 years old and most parts can be shipped within 24-hours from the time of order. For obsolete parts, Peelle offers suitable replacement parts. Our experienced sales staff can help you identify the parts you need.

Contact Our Parts Department:

For Your Convenience, Peelle accepts all major credit cards.
Telephone           +1 905 846 4545 ext. 218
Toll Free              +1 800 787 5020 ext. 218

Peelle Parts Distributors:

Benfield Electric 1-718-706-8600, New York Metro & East Coast
CED Long Beach 1-800-266-0908, West Coast
Quality Elevator Products 1-800-222-3688, Chicago & Midwest
Parts Specialist, Inc. 1-708-371-2444, Chicago & Midwest

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