When you modernize your freight entrances with Peelle doors, you gain confidence in knowing you have provided the latest in freight elevator safety for all users and passengers alike.

What is Peelle Motorization?

The process of upgrading your manually operated Peelle entrances, to new power-operated entrances.

What is Peelle Re-Motorization?

Upgrade your previous generation power-operated Peelle system to and new code-compliant power freight doors system.

Why Motorize or Re-Motorize?

  • Improve the efficiency of your application with the automatic operation of Peelle doors.
  • Reduce door vandalism by removing the manual function from the user.
  • Extend the life and functionality of your existing Peelle entrances.
  • Increase safety & reduce liability with Peelle safety features.
  • Upgrading your equipment ensures replacement parts are readily available when needed.