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About our Passenger Entrances

Peelle introduces its complete line of passenger entrances. 

Single and 2-speed’ center opening’, as well as single, 2, and 3-speed ‘side opening’, 1 1/2 hour fire-rated UL labelled construction. 14 gauge steel frames can accommodate 6 to 13 inch thick walls.

Door panel options are 1 1/4, 1 1/2 or 2 3/4 inches thick, with front and back sheets constructed using 16ga galvanized steel with a powder-coat finish. Unpainted options include galvanized, stainless, bronze or other specialty facias.

We provide standard aluminum sills with optional stainless, nickel, or bronze construction, with 12 ga header and struts.

Optional features include car doors, glass entrances, vision panels, sound deadener, transoms, zero-clearance frames, and jam and transom cut-outs. 

When you compare Peelle’s short lead time, competitive price and unmatched experience, you can have confidence when choosing Peelle passenger doors for your next project.


The Peelle entrance design is based on the experience of our ‘Local One’ and ‘Local 580″ installers, who have installed thousands of entrances of various manufacturers in the New York City area. From this experience, Peelle has developed an intuitive, cost-effective, easy-to-install entrance. 

Our groutless sill design does not require a sill pocket or structural angle for support. Where conditions dictate structural sill supports, we can easily accommodate them. Independent brackets, struts and ‘sill supports and header’ make assembly simple for experienced and new installers.

One example of product improvement, resulting from our installer’s feedback, is a frame stabilizer that ensures the frames aren’t kicked out of position after the entrance is installed and before the walls are finished. 

Accurate and robust drilling patterns can accommodate almost any type of track, roller, retainer and gib. Where specifications call for a stackable ladder or tower system, the Peelle design easily accommodates the additional bracketing required. 

The unique relationship Peelle has with its installers and production factory guarantees superb packaging, easy installation, and unmatched quality resulting in the best door in the industry.

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