Cab Enclosures

Peelle’s Fast Cab is easy to install – entirely from inside the car. The walls and canopy are 22 in. (56mm) wide by 14 gauge (2mm) thick steel panels, combining ruggedness with easy handling and assembly. All panels have 3/8 in. (10mm) slotted holes, eliminating the need for different sized hardware. Markings are on each panel that note the panel location and sequence for fast and error-free installation.

Standard Cab Enclosure Features

  • 14 gauge (2mm ) steel walls and canopy
  • Car to frame anti-sway stabilizers
  • Hinged emergency exit panel with safety contact
  • Pre-punched gate rail mounting holes
  • Car operating station cut-out with reinforcement angles
  • Baked powder coat finish
  • LED light fixtures
  • NEMA 1 (IP10)
  • Cab enclosure uses 3/8 in. (10mm) hardware

Optional Cab Enclosure Features

  • Stainless steel construction
  • 12 gauge (2.7mm) or thicker walls and canopy
  • NEMA 4 (IP 54/56), NEMA 4X (IP 56), NEMA 7/9
  • Wood or steel bumpers
  • Exhaust fan
  • Car top safety rail